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I started my self-quarantine March 4th, the evening the musical I was to play for was cancelled, one hour before the performance. It was "The Wizard of Oz", to be performed by Lakeridge Elementary School 5th Grade Operetta, the 50th Anniversary of of the school performing musicals.

The children had worked so hard, and it was so good. I have played for many musicals of Mercer Island Elementary and Middle Schools, and this one was stellar. We did perform it in the morning for the school kids, but not the evening performance for the rest of the the community.

I decided that it was time to tighten up my social life, stay home, and only see my 45 students that I teach piano and adaptive music. Even then, I sanitized anything they touched, had them wash their hands, keep the distance to 6 feet and no hugging!

As we progressed through the next few days, I ramped up to start transitioning to online lessons. I have experience doing this, and with all the technology I own, it was easy. My students are very tech oriented, anyway, so it has been easy to do this. I closed my studio to anyone coming in on March 12th.

In the past few days, I have found some fun things to liven up the experience.

Each time the child passes a song, I put a sticker on my face. They are so surprised, and delighted that I am having fun with them. Here is my setup, if you are interested:

Well, it's been nice sharing some light with you. Keep safe, self quarantine, and send me an email. I'm here to help. Music is the solution for so many cares in this world..

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