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Last Days of Summer.......

This has been a summer of renewal for so many people. After our very cold and wet June, Seattle got down and partied, danced, played music, traveled to locations near and far, hiked, biked, kayaked, boated, and got together with friends. All of these activities seem so normal, but for the past 3 years, they were practically non-existent, or done with such caution, taking a risk of getting sick.

I have observed that appreciation is in the air for life, animals, friends, new friends, food, and our world. This is good. This is a healthy response to challenges and losses many of us have had. I hope this is one trait we can collectively take with us into the next year - appreciation for our live, loves, friends, activities and our precious earth.

Let's do better, love larger, play more music, dance with joy and do good actions that will turn our communities and nation around.

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