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Here we go again!

The days are shorter, the nights colder and it is sweater weather suddenly. September was such a lovely month, so warm, and it was exciting to see more of my students who ventured into the studio from so many months of online lessons. It was so funny to notice as I walked to the double front doors with their ornate glass, returning students jumping up and down so excited to be back to the house and to have their lessons in person……and it wasn’t just the children! It was the teenagers, young adults, and even the older adults, so full of excitement, so ready to have face to face eye contact, play their pieces, laugh together, and just celebrate music. It was and continues to be a joy to see each one as we navigate through this fall, wearing our masks, taking temperatures, sanitizing hands, keys, doorknobs, but the reward is so wonderful.

I sense that the students don’t take their studio lessons for granted, but feel it is a privilege for them.

Now it is October, my studio is full, Katrina still has some openings, especially for singers and songwriters. Parents want their children here, in fact, the parents want to take piano too, even more than before. Now we are planning our Halloween Recitals, and yes, they will probably be mostly on Zoom. I can’t in good conscience have the usual 30 or more people in my house. But Katrina and I will find a way to make it rewarding, give prizes, and make fun treats for the performers to pick up. We are a creative studio and we will make memories.

My own little Tiger Granddaughter with my daughter, both of them taking piano lessons when they aren't kicking leaves, or carving pumpkins.

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