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 We are so happy to see our students in person. 

We will still offer the option of online lessons, if you need. 

We would love to help you find ways to bring the light and love of music to brighten your day. 


Welcome to Musical Mind Music Studios. 


We are a collaboration of fine musicians from around the Mercer Island and Seattle area.

Our goal is to provide all youth and adults music instruction and therapy that works, and create programs that stimulate the musical mind and bring out everyone's inner musician.


The Dream Team

  Connie Wible 
 Katrina Kope 
 Richard Rodseth


Mercer Island Music Programs this year include: Piano, Guitar, Voice and Adaptive Lessons, Workshops, Piano Keys for Autism, live events and Much More! Please check out our website and contact us with any questions!

  Matt Bager 
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